Yep, brand new Amazing Spider-Man photos!

Via GeekTyrant and Entertainment Weekly.

Oh welp it’s true: silver shoes confirmed. While this has been bothering me (well just a tad bit and not so greatly) since the spy photos; I’m still being optimistic about it. Why? Because we have yet to see Andrew Garfield –plus whoever’s the stunt dude– in motion with the costume, the poses and everything! And by motion, I meant actual movie clips and not some random, stalking YouTube videos. I heard that the teaser trailer will debut next week and it’ll be attached with the Captain America movie. Yes… oh yes I cannot wait.

Call me a fanboy or whatever, but this reboot will rock! It needs to. It has Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Martin Sheen and so on. And it’s directed by the guy who knows how to stab people, emotionally of course, while at the same boosting their spirits into believing that there is “hope”… in modern and jumpy relationships. I am obviously referring to my favorite movie of 2009.

Oh right, the photos… here:

Entertainment Weekly has more pictures in their site. Check it out if you want to view ’em all.



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