Here’s another Tales of Xillia PV…

…that looks equally impressive as the previous promotional videos, if not a whole lot better. This 6 minute-plus clip isn’t exactly new since it was already uploaded a few days ago. I thought it would be nice to share it because I saw it again, recently, and just realized how grand this entry is looking. Haven’t been this excited for a Tales game since… well, ever!

“Bamco”, if you are listening (though I highly doubt): LOCALIZE this game as soon as possible. Release it next year, which seems realistic considering that Graces F will be coming out on Q1 2012, and you’ll have my utmost respect. It’s not just me actually, but the entire Japanese RPG community as well since we are craving for hi-def console adventures. I’ve said this before and I don’t care if this makes me sound like a whining bitch: this generation desperately needs ’em.

Don’t be like those idiots from Nintendo of America. You guys are clearly nicer than those bastards since you have opted to localize Graces F in both US and Europe. /endrant


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