Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows: Part 2…

…was — in a Mark Millar-esque Scottish accent — great. Sorry, I just got back from the Millarworld forums prior to posting this entry. Anyway…

Allow me first to nitpick the Battle of Hogwarts sequence since I believe it could’ve been so much better. You see in the book — the battle itself is clearly the textbook definition of the phrase “epic battle”. And while the film’s version plays pretty well along those lines; it didn’t feel nearly as, yes, “epic” as I’ve remembered. It still kinda is and has some memorable moments, don’t get me wrong, plus it looked prettier too than I was expecting (you’ve seen the final trailer right?).

Still, the battle would’ve been a lot more interesting if (director) David Yates improved it to some extent. It could’ve been up there with Hoth, Endor, Helm’s Deep, Pelennor Fields, and so on just to name a few, if he bothered in doing so. Or hell, the assault on the Bahamut Fortress if that rings a bell. No? Not really!? Can’t blame you…

Speaking of the Battle of Hogwarts — what’s up with those minor death sequences?! Sure, these guys may not be as pivotal as the main trio, but it would be nice to see them “shine” before they go buh-bye you know? What, budget issues? Lack of running time? Bullshit. Really, I don’t understand why we can’t have a minute or less to see these guys do what they can do or what they have to do in the midst of everything. Lazy is the word.

Oh and don’t curse me with “major spoilers!” simply because I mentioned death sequences. Dude, there’s a huge battle: what do you expect!?

Those issues aside, I still strongly believe the movie was fucking great. 75-85% of my expectations were met and I left the theater with a smile despite the personal shenanigans. It ranks close to my favorite Potter movies, which include ‘Azkaban obviously, and truly one of my favorites this season along with First Class and Super 8. I also experienced a couple of “awww” and “wooot!” moments unlike the last 2 outings (‘Part 1 and ‘Half Blood), which is saying something given that I rarely get those in Potter movies. It’s that amazing.

Watch it or be—- you know what? It doesn’t matter. Even though I will swing the pendulum and talk about the film’s positive traits — like how the twist of the franchise was explicitly well presented or how radiant everyone’s performance was — it doesn’t matter because everybody (including you, the reader) will watch it no matter what. Even if I ramble how cute the girls are in this movie, since they really are by the way like a batch of kittens cuddling together in a little basket… well fine not really, it doesn’t matter!

It’s Harry Potter. It’s the final movie. It’s the crazy event everyone has been waiting for. The climactic finale. You’ve gone this far (assuming you’ve seen all the previous movies of course): why quit? Reserve those damn tickets and go see it!


One response to “Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows: Part 2…

  1. ;__;
    >Doesn’t have money
    >Can’t reserve ticket
    I feel like I am missing out on a crucial part of my life not going to this midnight premiere.

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