Horrible Bosses…

…hilarious! I wasn’t really expecting a lot (OK, maybe just a bit) yet I was wholly entertained from start to finish. The all-star cast was incredibly super, which I believe was the main aspect why the movie was watchable and just plain fun.

Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis are a likeable trio, moreso than what the trailers were suggesting. Not really a fan, I guess, of the latter two and yet their chemistry, along with Jason Bateman, was really the driving force of this movie, frankly speaking. Of course the supporting cast (i.e. the more recognizable guys) were equally good and funny as well. Particularly “evil” Kevin Spacey and “MF” Jamie Foxx.

Solid comedy confirmed-sorz. This and Bridesmaids are the movies that everyone should see (or notice) after being stuffed with weekly/biweekly blockbusters. Aaaadmit it.


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