Happy Fourth of July

Let’s celebrate it –other than the usual booze and fireworks or kaboom-booms of course– by sampling Alan Silvestri’s Captain America score! It’s 13 minutes full of sweeping tunes, though frankly it doesn’t sound as iconic as I’ve hoped (you know, humming wise). BUT that’s probably because I have yet to see things in motion in order to fully view the effect.

Artwork, by the way, is courtesy of the wicked Christopher Uminga. I viewed some of his works last C2E2 and they were really impressive.


Currently I don’t have any plans for tonight. Maybe a quick visit to the carnival, again, might be a good idea as long as it’s “theatrical“. OK not really, but I really would like to do something else rather than say… watching a very non-American film like Miike’s 13 Assassins.

Oh and not that I’m gushing over something as preposterous as that dude getting punched int the face, but the feeling or rather the experience was platonic. “Only in America” ika nga.


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