This Final Fantasy XIII-2 music track…

…that was featured in the E3 trailer– I have no idea what’s it called but it sure does sound glorious. No, really, I’m not exaggerating. ‘XIII and SaGa composer Masashi Hamauzu can literally fart any noise and –by some crazy holy-pearl magic– it miraculously converts itself into this good and violin-y music.

OK, so maybe that’s a wee bit too much. But yes the track is awesome, and I sincerely wish that Square would ditch the rap battle music (yep, you read that right) and stick with the Hamauzu violins instead. Clearly that’s not gonna happen because Square Enix hates its fans.


Speaking of Thirteen dash Two– here’s a new offscreen video that also features another mind-melting music track. Who cares whether it’s gonna be a dumb game or not, the music will be amazing. Sold! Think about it– the 20 hour tutorial will be breathtaking all thanks to the tunes. Oh here’s the video:

By the way in case you were wondering: I’m still being optimistic about this game (!). The demo I played at E3 wasn’t very impressive, and I personally think the new main character looks fucking dumb. But hey, again, I’m being optimistic because the goal of this sequel –that nobody freaking asked in the first place– is to address the problems of the first game. Of course that could just be the “fanboy” in me talking.


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