Is it just me, or does the War Horse trailer…

…remind you of –in some aspects– a live action Studio Ghibli film? The trailer’s been up for days and I can’t help but think of some the similarities. Sure, it does look and feel like a Spielberg Oscar-bait masterpiece, which is what we were all expecting in the first place (no, you think?). But there are some elements, at least on the trailer, that remind me of a Ghibli spectacle.

It could be the fact that it’s based on a kid’s novel, and the premise centers on the relationship between a young man and his horse. Spot on. Or it could also be the John Williams music that was used at the end of the trailer (1:38 mark); because it felt like something Joe Hisaishi (Hayao Miyazaki’s very own John Williams) would do.

Speaking of Williams’ score, I found the “theme” at the very end really beautiful and it even echoes some of his memorable works. It’s been a while… and yes, ask yourself this: When was the last time you heard a really memorable John Williams track? Exactly.

Either way, the trailer was undeniably pretty and I’m now very excited to see the movie. It’s kinda strange though to have 2 Steven Spielberg movies almost a week apart from each other (this and Tintin), don’t you agree?


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