Transformers: Dark of the Moon…

…OK, let’s start with the obvious: It was good and way-waaaaay better than Revenge of the Fallen, a.k.a. my favorite blockbuster of 2009 as I gave it the prestigious 5 Multiply Star over 5 Friendster Star. I’m kidding, it was not my favorite blockbuster of two-thousand-nine. You can tell that right?

Of course you’ve probably heard or read that comparison already for the nth time, as of this writing, via the numerous interweb tweets and what-have-you. Calling it “OH MY GOD IT WAS F#@%NG AMAZING” can be a little bit too much because the movie still has a couple of problems. Namely the Michael Bay –I guess you could say– “bullshits” sprinkled on some corners. The screws were tightened this time alright, but it could use more. More surprises too would be nice and more Chicago rampage. Notice the emphasis on, umm, more.

But it’s not (no really, it’s not) a super big deal and doesn’t hamper the experience since it’s ultimately a solid popcorn flick. I had tons of fun and the Chicago set piece alone, not to sound biased for palpable reasons and despite my quirks, was worth the admission. Joss Whedon and company, you better give us something better next year.

I cannot wait to see it again this weekend… in 3D! Yes, the 3D stuff was classy and it’s probably the best since Jim Cameron’s Avatar. If you have the option to watch it with those Buddy Holly glasses, better do so. IMAX? Not really since there aren’t any exclusive IMAX shots. Heh, the reason I only used that poster above was because of Optimus looking badass, in which he was rightfully so in the movie along with “Spockbot”.

Long story short? This is the sequel we’ve been waiting for since 2007. Apology accepted Michael Bay. Apology accepted.


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