So inFamous 2…

…it was alright, if not a little bit better than its predecessor. In fact “better” is essentially the keyword because everything about it seems to be a notch up compared to the first game. Particularly the combat (both melee and projectiles), the powers and –for better or worse– the city.

Yet the story is still fucking uninteresting if you ask me, which was one of the reasons why the first game didn’t really stick to me as much unlike other Sony properties like say (obviously) Uncharted or even Sucker Punch’s very own Sly Cooper franchise. Funny that this coming from your typical comic-book reader because, in all honesty, the characters are soooo boring and very flat.

Take the “good” ending for instance (which I’ll most likely be talking about in a future podcast); I didn’t really care and I even bothered answering the landline, which randomly rang during the sequence, because I seriously thought it was “meh” for the most part.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the game for what it tried to accomplish, but I don’t think paying the full admission (a.k.a. $60) is worth it to experience this comic-inspired, entertainment action-fest. Around $30-40 would’ve been fine, if not a 3-day rental since I’m not exactly a mega-completionist when it comes to open ended games.


Yes, I’m aware that I haven’t been posting lately about games that I have recently finished in this blog. Namely the ones released a couple of months ago, dating back to Q1 if I’m not mistaken. You know, games like Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Tactics Ogre, Yakuza 4 and… well that’s pretty much it unless I’m missing something. Oh yes– Super Robot Taisen Z2.1, which technically doesn’t count because I’m a mission away from ending it. All I can say about  those games that I mentioned: They’re all really good and dare I say a lot more enjoyable (being a Japanese gamer of course) than inFamous 2. Burnage!

Fine, except maybe for Taisen Z2.1 which was semi-disappointing.


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