2 games, I played at E3 2011, that we should keep an eye on

I’ve mentioned some games on the recent podcast that may sound bizarre to a handful of people, if not a little expletive with “what kind of a dumb name is that” echoing on different corners. Can’t blame those guys, really, since I would’ve been on the same boat as well. Well, “ish” because I have been more opened minded with games (and movies) lately over the last 3-5 years.

Anyway — it’s a shame because these 2 games I played at E3 last week, which I’ll be mentioning in bit, had this unique and fresh-y experience, quote-end-quote, oppose to your usual “dudebro” games.

First off is Papo & Yo, which I strongly believe deserves a lot of attention. Explaining the game in detail can be pretty difficult, so I embed some clips below to give you guys a proper glimpse to what the fuss is all about. Essentially it’s a cross between ICO and a lighthearted Studio Ghibli film ala My Neighbor Totoro… with a twist. Fuck, forget it, just watch the videos and you’ll probably see what I mean mmmkay?

…different huh?

Next up is the second game, which is in fact one of the major reasons why I’m getting a PlayStation Vita at the end of the year. It’s called Sound Shapes (working title) and it’s developed by Jonathan Mak, the guy behind Everyday Shooter, an indie game favorite. Similar to ‘Shooter, it’s an artsy-looking game that’s basically a sidescroller/platformer with rhythm game elements, or music playing a key role to the overall gameplay.

Graphic artists such as myself, or guys in the Multimedia Arts field in general, should definitely check this one out. It also has a level-creator ala LittleBigPlanet, and honestly –from the amount of time I played at the Vita booth– it felt a lot more fun unlike LBP’s work atmosphere. Here’s the trailer:

I’m pretty much in love with this game, and the music is fucking awesome too.

There are more games at the show floor that deserves the same attention as these 2. Like Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet and a couple of XBLA games at the overtly packed Microsoft booth. Sadly I wasn’t able play to all of ’em due to obvious reasons. But hey — bottomline to you fellow enthusiasts out there: spread the word! These developers may not have “Kojima” or “Cliffy” written in their CVs, obviously, yet they deserve our support. Day One for both. Oh you know it…


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