I’ll be extremely busy over the next few days…

…since I’m actually here in LA for the biggest gaming lollapalooza of the year, which is the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Yes. E3. Oh. My.

This has been one of those “long life dream moments” and it feels, admittedly, fucking awesome. Granted; the event hasn’t even started yet because tomorrow’s mostly about the Micro and Sony press-cons, and the doors officially open the day after along with Nintendo’s megaton announcement. But walking around the LA Convention Center this afternoon while seeing all these huuuuge tarpaulins and noticing a couple of familiar faces from the industry (which I’m sure will be NOTHING in the next 36 hours or so) was just… unbelievable.

So yes– I’ll be really-really busy and I’ll most likely be updating most (if not all) the goody stuff this week via Twitter/Plurk and Facebook. That possibly also includes live-tweeting the BIG 3 conferences if I can~

Biz trip and vacation at the same time is a deadly combination if you ask me. Hell, my schedule’s super occupied that I can’t even explore most (if not all) the awesomeness of downtown LA, which by the way feels livelier than Chicago if I may be so honest.

OK. Enough rambling. Must. Sleep.


2 responses to “I’ll be extremely busy over the next few days…

  1. I am still so incredibly jealous, I would say you have no idea how much but you can probably imagine.
    But, I hope you enjoy yourself (I’m sure you will) and I will most likely ask all about it when you are back because you are living my dream. c:

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