These new Tales of Xillia trailers…

…are pretty amazing in my opinion, and it’s making me wish it’ll have a US localization announcement at E3. Of course I highly doubt it since everything about the game, so far, has been fairly new (the Japanese release date was just announced last week). Then again– E3 is clearly the perfect time to announce a high-quality PS3 exclusive Japanese RPG such as Xillia considering that we need more games like this. Or, I’m sorry, guys like me who are craving for more HD J-RPGs.

Here’s the gameplay trailer. You can skip over to the 2:30 mark if you wish to view the combat sequences.

And here’s the story trailer which also features the Ayumi Hamasaki theme song. I believe it’s called Progress and somehow it sounds fitting for an epic Tales game.

Not a game for everyone obviously, but shit I’m really excited about this!

The (almighty) localization team that is 8-4 has been responsible for translating the recent Tales games (Vesperia and the upcoming Graces F for the PS3 just to name some). So far I haven’t anything about them working on Xillia. Though fingers crossed because it’s been confirmed that a couple of 8-4 localized games are being announced at E3. 50/50 then? I. Hope. So.


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