Thoughts on the PSP Remaster Series

It seems odd that Sony announces something this huge and breaking over the weekend. Obviously I wasn’t able to react so quickly given that I was pretty much busy over the last few days (not to mention that I’m still recovering from time to time).

Here’s what I think overall about this whole PSP making out with the PS3 business: It’s a great idea.

To play PSP games on your living room with superb resolution or hi-res visuals  –along with the use of a second analog stick– is a godsend. It reminded me of a familiar situation a couple of years ago where playing GameBoy Advance games on a standard def TV would’ve been a welcoming concept. And it still is today for current portables. I mean let’s face it– as much as it is neat to have a portable gaming device where you can play games everywhere, wouldn’t it be interesting to have an option where you can hook the unit and play it on your TV with the comfort of your couch? Think about it. You will have no excuse to NOT finish those games because “oh, it’s in a small screen and my hands are feeling numb and I wish it had better sounds and etc. etc.”.

Of course I’m just saying all that because I’m a little bit of guilty of… that… sometimes… usually the DS because I’ve played my PSP more than the usual over the last few months.

Although the PSP 3000 and 2000 are capable of plugging/play the unit into your TV; it’s essentially the same thing because (a) the screen isn’t entirely “full” and you’re just playing a roughly upscaled  (read: ugly) version of the game which is visually dumb. And (b) you are still using the PSP unit as a “controller” which ergonomically somehow defeats the purpose.

NOW the interesting part is to see what kind of games would be “Remastered” for the PS3. Monster Hunter wasn’t really a surprise, and it was in fact the first game I thought Sony (and/or Capcom) would bank on after things geared in-motion. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is apparently on the way as well and I heard it’ll be announced at E3.

Sooo… I’ve listed down a couple of games that I personally would like to see to get the treatment. No, you will not find PSone remakes and classics below such as Tactics Ogre and Persona 2, simply because it will never happen.

  • Valkyria Chronicles 2 & 3 — Finally where it rightfully belongs. Yep I just said that and I’m positively sure most people would agree.
  • Dissidia 012 — 2 player support if possible. It’ll be like playing Destrega again with friends only this time it’ll have Nomura’s fetish.
  • Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection (and possibly V and VI remakes) — It’s technically a port, but the graphics have been reworked exclusively for the system. A little upscale wouldn’t be so hard assuming the sprites are vector-based… right?
  • Final Fantasy Type-0 — It will be this generation’s true Final Fantasy before XV. Mark my words. What? You think I’m kidding?! Check this out.

Wow so much for being a “list”. I’m sure there’s at least 1 or 2 more but nothing’s popping out as of this time.

Ultimately I’m really excited to see how this pans out. Truly an excellent addition Sony. Now how about you do that too for the NGP and we can all celebrate yeah?


One response to “Thoughts on the PSP Remaster Series

  1. Make it so that the game is playable on both devices while still only requiring one license so we don’t have to buy the same product twice. Otherwise Sony can piss off.

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