New & Meaty Ninja Gaiden 3 Details

The latest Official PlayStation Magazine has acquired some new info regarding the new non-Itagaki Ninja Gaiden title. Fans will be pleased at the very least…

For one thing– the game seems to be running on a modified Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 engine. Which means the graphics will be fully locked at 60 frames per second and still retain some of those gorgeous and shiny visuals. Fuck yes! Note that we should all consider this a “blessing” after what Capcom and Ninja Theory are doing with the DmC reboot.

The gore, noticeably missing in Sigma 2, is back as well and it will in fact be bloodier than Ninja Gaiden 2 for the 360. Difficulty level on the other hand won’t be babied down for casual gamers, which means it could be as challenging (if not more challenging) than Ninja Gaiden Black. There will also be both competitive and cooperative modes that may feature up to 8 players. Yes you read that right: Eight.

Other bits include that weapons will upgrade over time since the store has been completely removed (good), and there will be a greater emphasis on the story (umm sure). No word which characters or baddies will show up this time, but we should expect a couple of ninja girls and the like… and breasts.

The game may feature some Move support as well and I really don’t care. Unless it’s something really rad, then maybe. Just maybe.

I’m expecting a new trailer will be revealed soon. Most probably before or during E3. I’m happy.


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