Persona 2: Innocent Sin PSP is finally coming to US…

…this Fall. PR after the break in case you’re interested. I just hope Atlus will have the time to tweak some stuff from the Japanese release. Like the loading times which I heard was semi-distracting.

This means I have another RPG to mess around with around that time, which is completely fine since— no wait. I was gonna say “Mass 3 has been delayed so all is well blah-blah-blah” until I realized that I might not have the time to quest another lengthy game such as P2P come this October or November. There’s going to be –I prolly mentioned this before– a lot of triple-A titles (even unannounced ones most likely) hitting that season, so I’m not so sure if I’ll be playing this one thoroughly like the rest. Day 01 for me still but I’m worried. Just a bit… even if it’s freakin’ Persona!

It”s still pretty vanilla, but the official site has a couple of English screenshots and a trailer.

Knowing Atlus, there’s going to some nifty pre-order bonuses. A sampler soundtrack is a given for sure but I don’t mind having another Jack Frost plushie similar to Raidou 2.


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