Pre-ordering Dark Souls gets you this entire package:

No… it has nothing to do with this screen cap. But it does look mighty impressive doesn’t it? Nope, I’m talking about this fantastic-looking Collector’s Edition set.

Huh. Suddenly I’m even more interested to think that the whole thing cost like, what, your standard game MSRP which is $60? Though I haven’t played the original Demon’s Souls which I heard was difficult… and the sequel promises to be even more challenging according to director/producer Hidetaka Miyazaki. Shit. Intimidating or rather skeptical is the word. The latest trailer convinced me to a certain degree in case you haven’t heard, making the decision less complicated as it is:

Damn. Pretty.

I might bite, especially with all those goodies inside that box (the art book seems like a keeper since the aesthetics are simply astounding). 50/50? Call it 65/35. Funny– I equally thought of the same thing with Dragon Age II before clicking the devilish “Amazon Order Button” and look how that turned out…


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