So SoulCalibur V has officially been announced and this new Tekken CG Anime

Namco held a press conference just a few hours ago in Dubai entitled “Level up”, and basically those 2 are (in my opinion) the only splashy announcements that are worth mentioning.

Unless you consider yourself a big Dragon Ball fan and a Naruto ninja person– then you’re in luck because there are 2 games coming out this year from both franchises for the PS3/360 and PSP respectively. Oh and Tales fans, I’ve also got some interesting tidbits for you guys: The localized port of Tales of the Abyss for the 3DS is coming this year (yay?) and Tales of Graces F for the PS3 is coming to US/EU in 2012 (Noooo!).

So SoulCalibur V — here’s what we know so far:

  • The logo is pretty sweet as you can see above.
  • Main character is called Patroklos or Patroclus. If you know your Greek Mythology, then there’s a good chance that he’s somehow related to Sophitia and Cassandra. Here’s what he looks like.
  • It’s a true SC sequel that’s set 17 years later in the timeline. Cool, a time-skip.
  • According to producer Hisaharu Tago: “We will have guest characters as we did with Star Wars. Please stay tuned for more information on that”.
  • The game’s new fighting style is described as “lighter, sharper, and more elegant”. Tago also added: “There is quite some change in the gameplay from SCIV. The pace of the game has been improved, and the combos will be easier to perform, and the moves will be easier to pull out.”
  • …and that’s that about it, for now. More details will be unveiled at E3.

Here’s a cam-recorded trailer by the way which isn’t really “spectacular”. Teaser trailer via YouTube now available.

I’m happy nonetheless, but it would’ve been way more interesting if they ditched the Calibur name and called it something else. I heard that the leap will be huge in the same way SoulEdge was to the first SoulCalibur. Unless of course the Calibur sword will indeed play another pivotal role in this new storyline, then it probably makes sense.

And here’s the teaser trailer of the new Tekken CG film which is being called Tekken: Blood Vengeance:

Admittedly I was horrified when I heard the announcement. I viewed the teaser immediately and the animation looks… I dunno… a little generic maybe? That’s probably because the animation guys behind it are responsible for that dumb Resident Evil CG movie that came out years ago. Then suddenly– Dai Sato’s name flashed as the screenwriter and I thought that “hey, this could actually be interesting…”.

Dai Sato, if you must know, is one of the guys responsible for 3 of my favorite anime shows of the eternity: Cowboy Bebop, Eureka seveN and Toward the Terra. He also wrote other well-known shows such as Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (both seasons), Samurai Champloo and Wolf’s Rain. Obviously you can tell that this guy has some pedigree when it comes to Japanese animation.

So, again, this animated film could be interesting… even though it’s hard to picture at the moment that the screenwriter –whose glowing resume includes cowboys in space and hipster robots– has written a Tekken movie. Oh. My. God.


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