Seriously need to adjust my bodyclock…

…considering that I’ll be –or rather I need to be– productive in the next few weeks. It really isn’t much about hitting the bed pretty damn early, but preferably waking up at a decent or disciplined hour would surely be a good practice. Just don’t ask what time do I normally get up these days because it is painstakingly… sleazy.

I do enjoy staying up late at night a lot. Not just because I could talk to my friends back home (via what-else) but also the pleasure I can listen to my music, all night, without anyone disturbing me. It can be entertaining sometimes especially with beer.

And that’s a pretty damn cool clock right there. It’s prophet-Magus from Chrono Trigger, and if there’s one fictional character out there who would gladly (and threateningly) remind me about time; it has gotta be him.


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