Movies I Saw Last Month

The April 2011 edition. Featuring the second sci-fi film from ManMadeMoon, a Japanese everyday-man on the run, Korean outlaws and gunslingers, a modern “fairytale”,  love triangles/squares in a Tokyo based American high school, a period drama about Lincoln’s assassination, Hayden Panettiere and her crazy haircut, another kung-fu movie featuring Kato’s mask for probably the 3rd/4th time, Universal Pictures’ take on The Avengers, AND a movie that some people have seen over the weekend (from where I came from at least) and most will do this coming Friday.

Source Code — Liked it a lot and I don’t understand why people need to be so harsh on it. Some plot holes yes, but you can’t deny that Duncan Jones has made another solid movie here that’s very watchable, and dare I say accessible. Will definitely be watching it again as soon as it’s available on video.

Golden Slumber — Imagine The Fugitive with Japan as the setting… and you may have a slight idea to what this film is all about. Pretty good, even though the end sequences were shallow and nothing really fancy.

The Good, the Bad, the Weird — Epic. Don’t let the title mislead you and believe it’s one of those silly parody films, because it’s not! Far from it– the movie is essentially a nod to Spaghetti Westerns through Korean lenses. That said, it has some cool characters, great humor and fucking-crazy action sequences.

Hanna — A smart action thriller that I thoroughly enjoyed even though it dragged later on as the movie progresses. Great (and I mean GREAT) musical score by The Chemical Brothers, which is a hefty bonus, and a solid performance by pretty girl Saoirse (ser-sha) Ronan.

Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac — Fairly cute and, surprisingly enough, not too depressing considering it’s one of those Japanese “love” movies. Actually it’s directed by an American so technically that doesn’t count. Either way, I kinda liked it despite some problems like the running time. It stars familiar Japanese faces like Maki Horikita (Hana Kimi), Kenichi Matsuyama (Death Note, Detroit Metal City, Norwegian Wood) and… Anton Yelchin and Emma Roberts?! Yep, it’s an American-Japanese collaboration film and— oh here’s the trailer which’ll explain everything:

Maki Horikita speaks very good English in the movie by the way and it sounds… cute. Really cute.

The Conspirator — I thought it was OK and James McAvoy was awesome as always. Not sure if the film is “accurate” since I really don’t know a lot about Lincoln’s death history. Oh and holy cow– Young Neil is in this movie which I found very odd.

Scream 4 — Had fun with it –as I have mentioned last week– even though the death sequences are super predictable and some of the new characters felt pretty stupid. Still, the twist was interesting and I don’t mind revisiting it again with friends this time, and booze.

Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen — It was pretty good but I expected A LOT more. Especially after that gorgeous opening which was seriously amazing and bad ass. Disappointing in some ways, sure, yet that doesn’t mean that fans of kung-fu or Donnie Yen generally should skip it.

Fast Five — Really great and entertaining on all accounts. Especially if you have been following the series religiously. I’m not really, what you call, a fan of the franchise and yet I had a blast with this one. It’s unquestionably the best since the first movie in my opinion.

Thor — It’s Thor. ’nuff said. Watch it!


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