…was, holyfuckingshit, insanely good. Loved it absolutely to bits! Nearly every aspect of the film –how they complement each other and everything– worked graciously for me. Jesus, even the ridiculous cameo of one of my favorite Avengers/Ultimates which was completely unnecessary: I giggled like a sheepish school girl! No kidding. You can even ask my buddy Chris.

I can list down 5 things why I had, obviously, a really great time and also why people should see it. It’s worth mentioning too that I never really grew up reading Thor. My only knowledge of the character comes from the various Avengers titles/books and crossover events I read over the last few years. Plus the 90s Marvel Trading Cards if that helps:

(1) The acting. Chris Hemsworth was solid as Thor, and likewise with the rest such as Anthony Hopkins, Stellan Skarsgard and Natalie Portman. I couldn’t picture any other actors/actresses filling their roles since they all played out nicely. Plus the characters they portrayed we’re well developed too in the process. Good job! Even Kat Dennings– she really didn’t annoy the hell out of me and I was even mildly expecting that… even though I have this, umm, crush on her. Speaking of acting…

(2) Tom Hiddleston as Loki. Holy shit. Perrrrfect pretty much. Of all the Marvel villains that have been portrayed on the big screen (‘Studios and non-‘Studios), he’s arguably my favorite as of this time. Brilliant. Just fucking brilliant. He owns every scene he’s in, and –not really a spoiler since the PR has been released days ago– but I’m excited to see him obliterating the lives of the characters played by Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Sam Jackson and the rest next year. Oh yeaaa it’s gonna rock!

(3) Pacing. It hardly dragged and was rarely boring for me unlike say… Iron Man 2. To give you an idea– I barely slept prior to watching the advance screening, which was by the way 11AM on a Saturday. I’m an uber night person if you must know, and it’s probably because I was that excited to see the movie that I mysteriously woke up in the middle of the night… only to realize that it was my stomach and I had to grab some food. Basically: I just had like 3-4 hours worth of sleep and yet I was able to keep my eyes open all throughout the movie. To me that’s a serious accomplishment. I applaud you Sir Branagh.

(4) Asgard and the visuals effects. Simply amazing in my opinion. Probably the main reason why the promotional stuff hasn’t been enthralling to some or most (like static images of the costumes and various clips) is because the movie’s theoretically saving the good stuff later on, in order for viewers to be glowingly surprised. Asgard looks pretty swell, especially the Bifrost Bridge and all the shiny things like armors and so on. Too bad we never get to see a lot of the surroundings or even most of its citizens, which would’ve been really cool and interesting. Speaking of the setting– the Earth scenes, where a lot of the movie takes place I believe, weren’t so bad either for me as others have experienced. Not bad at all really.

(5) The action set pieces. They were all tremendously well done and never felt inadequate. Even the final final battle scene was compelling all throughout, unlike say the Iron Monger and armored Whiplash bouts from Iron Man 1 and 2 respectively. My favorite action– or rather fan-service moment– was definitely the big fight that takes places near the beginning of the film where Thor and his buddies were all kicking ass. Thor himself, if I may add, fights just like what I imagined and it was thrilling to see him pound basically anything with Mjolnir. Even the way he spins it or as he takes off and flies– it was sheer enjoyment.

So yes there you go… a solid and awesome movie. I cannot wait to see it again this Friday.

Frankly I’m a little bit worried now about the Captain America movie since Thor, somehow, “raised the bar” to some extent. My expectations for Cap’s movie exceed a lot more than Thor’s simply because I’m more of a Captain America fan. In fact I wasn’t expecting Thor to be this impressive. Wait and see I guess, but I’m positive Captain America will also be a great film that’s likely going to be on the same level as Thor, if not (hopefully) better.


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