HELLO ~Paradise Kiss~

It’s that YUI song from the upcoming Paradise Kiss live-adaptation movie. The one that undeniably sounds “classic” YUI-pop as I’ve mentioned earlier this week.

I reallyreallyreally love this song. It whispers good-vibes to my ears from its “That Thing You Do”-like drum opening to the soaring and beautiful chorus. The “Hello” parts are also… mesmerizing but that could just be me. Definitely just me. Hanubah.

/sigh — There’s no doubt she’s gonna play this at the therotically-awesome Hong Kong concert. Fudgers. –/endsigh

Can I like… just… borrow… one? Harhar ^^;

Of all her “variations” in the PV, my LEAST favorite would be the short-bangs one at the 1:54 mark. It doesn’t work for me and nope, it’s not fugly by any means either. My super favorite’s definitely the first one with the striped blouse or whatever you call it. Classic… even with the hair.


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