Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai…

…(whew) is a must-watch! There are only 2 episodes available as of this writing, yet I’m already considering it as a remarkable show to watch this season… next to a bunch of things that you and I have been prolly watching (like umm– Game of Thrones which continues to be stellar).

Ano Hi Mita Hana–whatever I’m sorry, it’s just a mouthful– is the new slice of life anime from the creators behind Toradora, another “slice” animu that I admittedly haven’t seen yet. My friends told me I should since I’ve always been a sucker for slice of life stories. Especially if the setting’s Japan

I’ve only seen the pilot and its follow up as hinted earlier, so who knows if it’ll follow the same (somehow) success of its predecessor. But that doesn’t hold me from saying that: If you love the genre –the slice of life stuff– then you’re gonna need to see this one. It’s very well made, particularly the characters (who feel real) and the animation which is easily beautiful. Watch!

Check out the opening too to give you an idea of the tone. I’m liking the song the more I listen to it:

Sure, the obvious reason I’m appreciating this show is because I can relate to the main character a lot, who is clearly a Hikikomori (read: slacker). But there are some elements that really hooked me. Like the platinum-haired girl who keeps following him around… what the fuck is up with her? I found her really annoying in the beginning to be honest… until the twist kicked in. The story may be your average “slice of” stuff but… less you know the better because even I personally don’t know where it’ll lead to…


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