Scream 4…

…or rather “Skree-fore-em” (Scre4m) — I enjoyed the shit out of it, believe it or not, even though it had some problems. Like it was ridiculously predictable in the same way you know what soy sauce taste like after dipping. Except maybe at the beginning and the twist. Plus the script had some LOL/WTF moments but –here’s the rather tricky part– it actually works on some levels! I don’t why to be honest, but it could be the fan in me since I’ve always enjoyed the franchise despite the second sequel being forgettable. It’s, I guess you could say, entertaining to watch a movie that’s slightly deconstructing its own franchise. You’ll probably know what I mean once you’ve seen it and breeze your way through the end. A silly revelation for sure, but it was tolerably interesting.

I’d watch it again with my friends if I could. It’s clearly not the best in the series but it’s a tad better, if not on the same level, as part 2 in my opinion. Oh and the opening’s really well done if I may add.


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