Phantasy Star Online 2 Screens and the PV!

The screens are over here and the first promotional video can be viewed after the jump.

OK, so it does look generic in comparison with all the Asian MMOs we’ve seen in the last decade. But this is Phantasy Star Online TWO biznatch! The true sequel to the original Phantasy Star Online: a game that sparked the console MMORPG boom, or is in fact widely known as the (gran)daddy of Monster Hunter. You’ve probably heard about that chart-devouring game… right!?

Sure, it’s only going to be available for the PC, but I have a feeling that it’ll have a PS3/360/NGP/Project Cafe version at some point in the next year or so. Or maybe Sega really wants to perfect it this time by focusing solely on the PC, and avoid a mitigated disaster like that game with XIV (14) at the end of its title. If not (and this sounds more plausible) to trip over the not-so-successful Phantasy Star Universe. Who knows! There’s also a strong possibility the game could suck balls.

W-wait a minute… you haven’t even played a lot of Phantasy Star Online, or hell Monster Hunter! Why the fuck do you sound so excited with this one that you decided to just post it? Remember– you are just running a personal blog and not a gaming news site!

Well… shit. I dunno, the trailer you’ll see in a bit has impressed me in some capacity and (funny enough) I’ve been looking forward to play a solid Japanese MMORPG for a very long time now. Even though I’ll just be playing it casually, and not get uberly addicted into it as evidenced by my WoW sessions.


One response to “Phantasy Star Online 2 Screens and the PV!

  1. U know, PSO isnt actually an mmo, ist considered an action multi-player, solely because udnt have this big world to roam, its just a big lobby room and u setup games, and groups of people join the different rooms, plus theres a limit to how many people r in each lobby room, and 12 players per actual game room, which is nice cuz only used to be 4:).

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