Awesome: FLOW’s gonna perform at ACen!

This is good news. Good fuckingtastic news indeed! I’ve been curious to know which musical guest will be performing at this year’s ACen, and to my knowledge of its previous offerings; the JPop acts they’ve been inviting haven’t been really eye catching or dare I say well-known since 2008’s HALCALI. So clearly this is some cool shit right here because FLOW is super popular to both the animu and JPop/Rock community, and is also somehow a pretty huge deal for me.

I’ve been a fan of their music ever since “Days”, which was the first opening of the hipster-mecha-anime Psalms of Planets – Eureka seveN:

Most peeps or otaku would probably remember them initially during the early seasons of Naruto with “Go!”:

But to me I’ll always remember them with “Days” since E7 holds a special place in my book, being a story after all about a kid growing up with his hoverboard and a robot that ALSO uses a hoverboard… and umm, transforms as well. Any fan of the Back to the Future films (who isn’t anyway?) and Macross/Robotech will probably know the feeling that I’m trying to represent… right? Right?!

Anyhow this year’s ACen is looking very meaty with FLOW, plus also the fact that I might be cosplaying as a JRPG character that some of you might be familiar with. There’s no doubt the line in the concert is gonna be long just like my experience with High and Mighty Color’s performance in 2007. But I’ll try to squeeze in (again) and hopefully nab the front/center spot. It’s gonna be fucking crazy… cannot wait!

Here’s the link to the PR along with the announcement video.

I’m still bummed about YUI’s concert in Hong Kong ‘case you were wondering. Believe me, I’ve been skipping her songs lately especially her new single (the one attached to the live adaptation of Paradise Kiss) despite how very catchy and classic YUI it sounds. Oh the shitty pain. But hey, at least I’m watching a Japanese band soon that’s pretty big and, you know, that rarely happens these days. Apparently there’s a semblance of “consolation prize” after all…

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