Happy Anniversary IFGC!

Unless you have the slightest clue to what I’m talking about, or is a Fiver, then you shouldn’t mind this entry and simply just walk tab away or do something else. Go play Portal 2 or Mortal Kombat (games I haven’t had the privilege of playing yet cuz of ze funds) or even watch a film that’s cathartic (like Dogma maybe?).

So… the very first IFGC a.k.a. Instant Friendship Gathering Confirmed took place roughly 375 days ago and *tries to count the hours*… nevermind. Point is: it was a momentous occasion since a bunch of my awesome friends and moi gathered with zero plans in mind, simply because they all just wanna have (you guessed it) a good time. Especially on a gloomy holy weekend or in that case; a very vanilla Black Saturday. I usually would just ‘couch all day every Black Sat considering that most of my friends would normally be out of town and shit. Not that year apparently, and not even the year before that… which is another… epic… story (horror night anyone?).

Therefore, as a sorta-non-sense entry as this is –not to mention that I’m feeling a lil y’know as I type this– I’m embedding a song that’s dedicated to that awesome “save point” or “entry” of last year… and a toast! So cheers to the pioneers of IFGC and glad that you guys are continuing the tradition. Yes Altair, I’m talking to you. Cheers…

“This is a city for not sleeping
And the clocks are set by feel
At those moment from where I sit
None of it seems real”


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