Supposedly there’s going to be a SUPER Marvel vs. Capcom 3…

…and –you guessed it!–  it’ll have a couple of goodies and so on. “Capcom you…. bastard!”

Ever wondered why Capcom didn’t announce or talk any MvC3 DLC details (or even any Marvel related stuff) at Captivate a few weeks back? That’s because they’re planning to release a souped-up version of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 in 2012 with more characters, moves, balances and tweaks similar to (obviously) Super Street Fighter IV. Commence the hate now because the economy today, let’s face it, is a bitch and I personally don’t think it’s a very wise idea to relieve the old cartridge days of double (or even triple) dipping Capcom fighting titles. Sure, cartridges back then where way more expensive compared to discs, but it was generally a different era.

Bah! Anyhoo, consider this *ADJECTIVE* Marvel vs. Capcom 3 a big rumor for now even though it came from a trusty source (hacker-alias “lupinko“). A couple of guys in the forums have scribbled down their wishlist and here’s mine:

  • More than 10 new characters like Nick Wright, Mega Man X, Gene (God Hand), an Onimusha character, Daredevil, Iron Fist, Hawkeye, Nico Minoru and so on.
  • New stages
  • Better online interface
  • Animated or FMV endings
  • Alternative costumes for everybody
  • STORY MODE. Fucking-a do it! It was originally planned in the first place.

So… what do you guys think of Capcom double dipping MvC3? Are you going to bite when it comes out? I’ll be getting it for sure being a sucker fan of the series and I strongly believe it’ll have the same price tag as SSFIV. Haha, it’s good thing I only spent 10 bucks purchasing my Special Ed Marvel 3 copy when it came out. Long-ish story.

*image above via the Capcom-Unity forums*


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