It’s not a new Breath of Fire game sadly…

…but Dragon’s Dogma looks freakin’ incredible! It’s a fully open-world, action-adventure game with RPG elements and it’s being handled by the guys responsible for the last Devil May Cry games. Particularly Hiroyuki Kobayashi, the guy who produced Devil May Cry 4 and the Sengoku Basara titles (games I appreciate if I may add).

Aesthetically, it doesn’t look too original and the designs heavily remind me of Dragon Age and even Demon’s Souls. Not necessarily a bad thing of course. Though it seems odd since the project’s being developed (internally in Capcom) by a huge Japanese team, and yet the armor-designs and what-have-you look very Western. Normally I would expect ridiculously designed swords and bizarre helmets (Lost Planet 2 anyone?). But apparently Capcom is being smart and I’m pretty positive one of the reasons why they sticked to this, besides trying to capture the Western market’s attention most likely, is to differentiate it from their other fantasy IP– Monster Hunter.

So what’s there to be excited about? I mentioned firsthand that it looks incredible and I’m actually referring to the graphics. It looks visually gorgeous and, well yes, fucking epic. I believe it’s on par with the industry’s best and you can clearly tell it’s a super budgeted project. Heard the combat was good too based from numerous impressions and… well I’ll just let hacker-alias “Criminal Upper” (from ‘Gaf) take it from here:

You can choose between three classes: Strider (think ranger) a mage, or a fighter. You hit the field and will receive objectives and sidequests and can try and complete them alone, but you are best to recruit “pawns” to your cause. You can meet any NPC in towns or out in the wilderness and have them be AI controlled team mates who will greatly assist you in taking down mythological monsters (Griffons, Hydras) or raiding a temple or saving villagers, etc.

The gameplay is fast and action-orientated, but there is lots of strategy and RPG elements under the hood. In the playable demo, you can only choose the strider, where you have a light attack, strong attack and one special move for each, in this case, daggers. You also have a ranged attack (bow and arrow) and most interesting of all, a “grab button”.

In the demo, you must kill a massive eagle headed griffon, and this is where the grab button comes in handy. You can choose to fight the griffon while it’s flying in the air, you hack at it when it’s on the ground, but you can also grab onto the griffon from any angle you want, beak, tail, legs, then proceed to hack at it until it throws you off, or comes crashing to the ground.

Meanwhile, your fighter and mage companions can help you in various ways, the mage can imbue your daggers or arrows with fire, which will be able to set the griffon ablaze, if this happens while the griffon is airborn, his feathers will burn up, and he’ll come crashing down in spectacular fashion.

The fighter meanwhile, can call to you, and let you know they will give you a boost by holding out their arms. The will then catapult you into the sky, where you can grab onto the griffon in mid-flight. Awesome stuff.

Smaller enemies, such as goblins will also join in on the battle, and pester you while the griffon flies overhead and tries to dive bomb the entire party. Once you get the griffon down to the ground, you have to work hard to slay it while it’s there, less it take to the skies again. Once dead however, the griffon will be covered in blood, and it’s feathers will be ripped and torn, you really feel like you just barely won an epic battle.

The sound track is fully orchestrated, and amazing, think Shadow of the Colossus, but even more bombastic.

One of the most awe-inspiring sights, was when the griffon was hovering in front of the sun, waiting to attack your party, every individual sunbeam was poking through the folds of it’s feathers, making it look like the most majestic fucking creature ever.

Yes. You have my attention Capcom. I can’t wait to hear more and E3’s just around the corner soo…. Oh and yes the trailer:

Amazing eh? Good job ‘com… but I still want my Breath of Fire VI dammit!


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