…and the rest of the Captivate 2011 trailers!

Because you love ’em flashy things and whatnot. Watch the latest videos of Street Fighter X Tekken, Asura’s Wrath and Dead Rising 2: Off The Record after the jump! *OK so it’s not all of the games featured in the event, but I’ll try to update this space as soon as something crazy happens.*

Street Fighter X Tekken cinematic and gameplay trailers:

AWESOME! Helloooo fan-service. Even the cheesy rock song works! I’m getting the chills.


Asura’s Wrath:

Perhaps one of my most awaited titles in 2011 ever since Capcom unveiled it at last year’s Tokyo Game Show. Still looks good and I heard it was the surprise of the show. Very excited = me.


Dead Rising 2: Off The Record

Not really a die-hard fan (haven’t even played much of Dead Rising 2) so it’s not really much of a big deal to me.


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