Persona 4: The Animation Confirmed

So it is an anime after all…

Atlus Japan had this Persona 4 related countdown site running since Friday, and most people speculated it either as the inevitable P4 Portable or something else new entirely. I personally thought it was something related to Persona 5 being finally announced since I’m one of those fans itching for it. Then a bunch of guys were able to crack the site’s html and shit and they were able to trace a bunch of words like “P4A”, “Animation” and Aniplex. Clearly it’s not a game or software related or even a hint of P5. Whatever. I’m cool with that.

So now the countdown’s over and it’s indeed an anime that looks to be covering the events of the actual game. Good news for fans since it’s obviously NOT a spin-off or anything unlike that sloppy Persona Trinty Soul which we –if I may truthfully add– continue to forget it existed.

No Promotional Video has been released yet unless you count this super vague teaser:


…but here’s what I know so far: all the voice actors are returning, “modern” Persona composer Shoji Meguro is doing the music and AIC A.S.T.A. (Gun X Sword, Blood+) is cited as the animation studio. Shin Megami Tensei artist Kazuma Kaneko and P3/P4 character designer Shigenori Soejima are also apparently involved to some degree if I’m not mistaken. Though having some of the original staff doesn’t automatically translate for this adaptation to be “good” since Trinity Soul had some as well.

Hardcore Persona fans may notice in the official website that the main character’s name is Yu Narukami and NOT Sōji Seta. It’s odd because we all thought the latter was his canon name as depicted in the manga adaptation.

I’m happy with the news still even though, again, it’s nothing new or Persona 5 related. The character designs look too anime-y for me in some aspects but I’m sure they’ll look perfectly fine once we see things in motion. I… hope. Oh there’s no word on the air date as well, but I’m sure we’ll see it sometime after the second quarter of this year. You bet I’ll be keeping an eye on this project as it develops. Happy Persona 4 Day!


It’s 4.11.2011. The very same day Persona 4 begins in the game.

Oh. Right. Nerd.


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