Holy Sh— there’s a new Last Exile series!?

How come none of the anime sites I visit to (*ahem*RandomC*ahem*) hasn’t mentioned it!? Not even once ever since the announcement which was last February.

“Well you haven’t been going to ANN in a while so….”

Yeah that’s true. But goddammit: a new Last Exile anime is a fucking huge deal (for me at least). The original Last Exile, which was released in 2003, is an epic show about airships, sky captains, spunky heroes and the like. Essentially it has most of the ingredients of a spellbinding, adventure story similar to 80s Hayao Miyazaki films and, heck, even classic Sakaguchi-directed Final Fantasy games. If you LOVE Nausicaa and Laputa (Castle in the Sky), then you seriously have to check out this masterpiece.

Now in 2011 there’s going to be a new series entitled Last Exile -Fam, The Silver Wing. You can check out some of the designs via the link. I know nothing much in regards to the plot except that it’ll have a new set of characters. But what I do know is that most of the staff from the original series are returning in their respective roles. Most notably director Koichi Chigira (Full Metal Panic, Brave Story) and character designer Range Murata (Blue Submarine no.6, ROBOT). In short, there’s a solid chance that this new Last Exile will be spectacular.

Here’s the first Promotional Video which, I have to be frank, doesn’t show a lot oh-em-gee moments:

I know– I’m trying to hype something that may or may not look promising (yet). But hell, the original staff is involved and I believe that’s all the evidence I need. Faith. Faith…


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