Movies I saw last month

The March 2011 edition. Featuring another Superman animated movie, an amnesiac Liam Neeson, Fedora hats having awesome powers, a new horror from the original creators of Saw, aliens in California, 2 British geeks and their BFF alien, a (flawed) cinematic experience involving girls and McFarlane-looking toys, the supposed revenge movie to end revenge movies, a 90s Luke Wilson comedy AND Nic Cage being… Nic Cage during the Crusades era.

All-Star Superman — Sorry, but it didn’t do wonders for me. Frankly I fell asleep midway through it. Not that it’s horrible or shitty (nope nope), but again it’s nothing special and I’m being perfectly honest here.

Unknown — Surprisingly entertaining even though I jumped in simply because of Liam Neeson and January -freakin’- Jones. It’s one of those B-list thrillers I wouldn’t mind watching again during bedtime.

The Adjustment Bureau — A true sleeper hit. Probably because I had zero expectations of the film being actually that compelling and engrossing. Love the concept and themes even though Matt Damon could’ve done a more convincing job. At least Emily Blunt was ultra-hot and gorgeous.

Insidious — Haha, wow. I don’t really give a shit about horror movies these days (ever since I left to be precise), but this one really blew me away. Recommended if you dig the haunted house sub-genre or, heck, if you’re looking for a solid (and awesome) barkada movie fix. *looking at you 5over5*

Battle: Los Angeles — Meh. It was just “OK”. Do care if the movie’s selling point interest you which is Black Hawk Down meets ID4. But don’t bother expecting District 9… or even the brilliance of Black Hawk Down solely or the “fun & popcorn” aspect of ID4.

Paul — Easily my favorite among the bunch, and also arguably my favorite Greg Mottola film. It’s a charming geeky-movie filled with really cool references and characters. What’s there to hate?

Sucker Punch — *sigh* OK to be perfectly clear: I had fun. I appreciated some of the action and the stellar visuals… and yes even some of the girls too. But the ending or the “message” was fucking atrocious if not goddamn AWFUL. I mean– really Zack Snyder, really!? Jesus Christ. It’s this year’s Revenge of the Fallen, but palpably better I think. Sorry.

I Saw The Devil — Sick, twisted, badass… Kim Ji-woon’s latest offering is a fucking awesome movie. WATCH IT OR BE PART OF THE PROBLEM. It’s that good. Paul’s my favorite film of March 2011, but I believe when it comes from a technical standpoint or just sheer artistry; this was the best movie I saw last month. If you love revenge movies or Asian cinema in general, you know what to do. Just a heads up: the film is graphic and brutal.

Bongwater — …is awesome. Goddammit.

Season of the Witch — Sucker Punch is better. Think about it.

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