The Green Lantern WonderCon footage…

…and it’s gorgeous! Oh Green Lantern, we almost forgot all about you. You see blame the marketing guys or whoever because unlike your Marvel competitors this Summer (Thor, Cap, First Class), we haven’t seen anything impressive from you lately. Until now of course…

Like most of the community, I thought the first trailer they showed (which was around November of last year) was just mildly “OK”. It wasn’t the most exciting preview of such a stellar project, nor I didn’t think it was also a huge piece of shit either like “…screw this, it’s Superman Returns all over again bla-bla-blah”. But this… this 4 minute clip that you’ll be seeing after the cut is the real deal. I’m officially excited now. Well, I was kinda-ish before but now it’s the mindblown edition. You’ll see:

Epic eh?


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