Some guys are making a TV series…

…about my life in Manila circa 2008-2010! Isn’t that AWESOME!? OMG, OMG, OMG, this is fucking TRIP. You have no idea. Check out the Press Release (that I just received this afternoon) after the break!

Chicago, IL (April 1, 2011) — Tokyo Broadcasting System TV Inc. (TBS), one of Japan’s prime television network, in conjunction with Seriously High Inside Tada and ‘Zebub productions today announces a new drama series scheduled for next Spring entitled プリズム | PRISMS. A pseudo sequel that is based on a couple of entries penned by freelancer Guiseppi Protacio, it is a high budgeted soap opera with a stellar cast and hopes to appeal both the Western and Eastern crowds. Here’s the basic premise:

Years after the events of Seven Months, the reluctant fanboy returns home after nearly 3 years of being assimilated into the American culture. With new relationships forged, newfound hobbies and recreations, rekindled interests, and a buck load of jackets– could this be the “true happiness” he has been looking for after all this time? And who exactly is this mysterious person they call “Arutaru Mikaeru”? Is he a friend or foe? And what is this uncanny organization ” Tactforce Five Joy Rise”? The plot ‘thin-ens’…

Unlike Seven Months where it took cues from the movie version of Densha Otoko (Train Man) and Zach Braff’s Garden State, PRISMS will be more light hearted and “fun”. The creators are aiming it to be “Densha Otoko TV meets How I Met Your Mother meets… The Social Network?!”. “You betcha, it’ll be really interesting and the style will definitely be a mix of Japanese and American TV shows” says one of the producers.

Opening and Ending songs will be provided by Rie Fu and school food punishment respectively. Samples will be streamed soon.

PRISMS will begin production later this month and is tentatively scheduled for an April 2012 release.

Excited = me. By the way here are the Opening and Ending songs. You know what they say: MY BODY IS READY AND I CANNOT WAIT. Believe!


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