Xenoblade (English) confirmed…

…well, in Europe as of this writing. A North America announcement shouldn’t be far behind. Here’s the PR taken from GAF:


Nintendo of Europe can confirm that it will be bringing the epic RPG, Xenoblade Chronicles to Europe for Wii. The title, already launched in Japan, brings to life a universe where two worlds called Bionis and Mechonis fight a war that knows no end.

Join the battle for Bionis to repel the invasion of a terrifying mechanical army and uncover the secrets of a mystical sword called the Monado.

Xenoblade Chronicles will be launching later this year for Wii featuring both English and Japanese voice-overs and will be fully subtitled in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. Keep checking www.nintendo.dk for further information on this epic new adventure for Wii.

You read that right: dual language. YESSSS. I’m extremely excited and happy, like a kid eating his gummy candies on a Summer afternoon. Especially given the fact that are no triple A, mega-epic Japanese RPGs coming out this year (console wise). Not to my knowledge at least. Fans of Final Fantasy XII and, obviously, Tetsuya Takahashi’s previous works (‘gears and ‘saga) should be very excited as well.

Let me also remind you that Xenoblade received high praises when it came out last year in Japan. It’s no “Final Fantasy XIII” in case you were wondering. [UPDATE] Link to the official EU site.


One response to “Xenoblade (English) confirmed…

  1. This is fantastic news! I’m glad I started tag-surfing again at this time. I’ll be sure to have a How To Better article about it as soon as it arrives at my doorstop!

    …and I get at least 20 hours of playtime with it.

    ….maybe some more…

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