Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos trailer…

…is out (the minute long and not those quick 30 sec teasers) and it’s looking good.

I’m still slightly disappointed that the movie, even though it ties in with Brotherhood or the original manga, isn’t the FMA movie that I really was hoping for. My ideal Fullmetal anime-movie would’ve been this sequel that takes place after the events of Brotherhood/manga. Not an independent side story that might or might not add any weight to an already-established continuity. It’s a love-or-hate thingy to most fans, but I really was impressed with The Conquerer of Shamballa (the movie-sequel based on the first series).

Nevertheless, I’m still excited for this (are you kidding?) and the new animation style or gimmick –provided by Bones as always– looks very interesting. And Laruku’s performing the theme song which is always a plus.

Here’s the premise according to RandomC:

On the onset of the story, a man named Melvin Voyager is nearing the end of his prison term in Central, the capital city of Amestris. However, upon reading a newspaper article, Melvin suddenly breaks out of prison. Taking interest in the powerful alchemy he used to do so, Edward and Alphonse chase after Melvin towards the the neighbouring country of Crater, along the western border of Amestris. Near the border, the Elric brothers find themselves in Table City, a hidden town surrounded by mountains that was once known as Milos. There, they meet a girl named Julia Chricton and start uncovering Milos’ blood-smeared history.


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