Yep… just bought a Dreamcast for less than $14

It’s basically just the unit and a first-party controller. No VMU (Visual Memory Unit ) though a.k.a. the memory card, but my good buddy Chris is willing to lend me one since he has a bunch to spare. Nice and how very cool of him.

Blah, I know I know– I’m fully aware that I have a pile of NEW games to play (considering I’m already done with Dragon Age II) namely Yakuza 4 and two biggie Square PSP titles. One of which is coming out this Tuesday and I’m actually excited to play it even though the import impressions were just so-so if not steady. But hey with that price for such a classic system? It’s pretty much a solid deal. I’m not exactly a nerdy retro collector like some of those guys over at GAF and CAG, but passing it up would be insanely ridiculous.


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