So Dragon Age II…

…is pretty good. Combat or gameplay, while blazingly fast sometimes, is solid and it reminded me of why I dig KOTOR’s (Knights of the Old Republic) system. Or even Final Fantasy XII’s come to think of it. It is also in fact one of the better fantasy-themed console RPGs I’ve played in recent times since Ivalice’s last console outing. Story’s interesting-ish to say the least if not unique. Unfortunately the last few hours felt anti-climactic for me and, ugh, what a fucking (and horrible) cliffhanger.

“But enough talk…” If you wanna hear more of my thoughts regarding Dragon Age II, you should listen to the latest Back2Gaming Podcast where I was able to “sit” the 4th chair and discuss/geek it out with fellow gaming buds Billy, Vince and Nicole. Yep yep– my first podcast appearance in a looooong time. Good stuff and big thanks once again to the B2G crew!

Just a heads up tho: I was able to finish the game only after the recording. Nevertheless, I still stand with what I said back there which was “…must-play despite the flaws”.


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