Still deciding whether or not I should consider Portal 2…

…as my next (big) console game purchase next month. Amazon currently is giving away free $20 store credit when you pre-order the PS3/360 versions, which is a pretty solid deal. PS3 especially since you have access to the PC/Mac editions.

However I was never a huuuuge fan of the first game to begin with. I love and appreciate the original for what it’s worth, but paying a full retail price for a sequel that was technically a “bonus” game isn’t convincing to be honest. Portal was an amazing short game and the experience was, to say the least, breathtaking. But I can’t imagine it being extended to a 6-10 hour campaign. No, don’t quote “but it has a separate co-op campaign” because I rarely play co-op these days unless I’m in Manila.

Then again, this is Valve we’re talking and according to recent reports; their all-around-guy Gabe Newell is calling it their best title yet.

Do the math, with the Amazon promo, then it’ll only cost $40. I always support Amazon anyway and the free store credit can be applied to any product I’ll be purchasing from them in the near future. Like say L.A. Noire perhaps? Decisions and, Jesus, time because I still have yet to finish Dragon Age II (I’m very close according to Nicole) and unwrap my copy of Yakuza 4 that I bought last week (for a very good price too).


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