C2E2 2011 Wrap Up

The good and not-so super of Chicago’s biggest comic convention this year that isn’t called Wizard World.

I admit, if you read my Twitter last Friday, then you’re probably aware that I was a little bit disappointed. Blame the hype or whoever said (not my friends for sure) that it’ll be “bigger” than WW and such. But hey it would be impossible for me to say that I didn’t enjoy overall.

The good stuff:

– The Chris Hemsworth Q&A panel. Not simply because “OMFG, it’s THOR!”, but mainly he sports this friendly-humble vibe to his fans every time he answers a question. You can tell he cares. A lot! He’s also a pretty funny guy and I had a couple of laughs. Sadly there wasn’t any exclusive footage of Thor or something as super memorable like the hush-hush Dark Knight panel that I attended in Wizard World years ago. But he kinda confirmed (ish) about the Skrulls which was very interesting to say the least.

– Dollhouse panel featuring Eliza Dushku and Tahmoh Penikett. Fine, this is more of a “HOLY SHIT it’s Eliza and fucking Helo!” because it really is. I haven’t seen Dollhouse in its entirety but I love these actors. Eliza is smoking hot. There’s something about Whedon girls with the way they talk and move. Tahmoh’s pretty awesome as well. It’s unfortunate though that I can’t have a close-up shot with these 2 (or any other special guests) even though I’m press. Bummer…

Joe Quesada‘s Cup O’ Joe panel. No, it wasn’t because of the tame (in my opinion at least) announcements (well wait there was that new Bendis creator-owned book which looked interesting), but it’s simply ’cause I like Mr. Quesada every time he’s on-stage. He’s always fun and entertaining and being my first major con since 2008, it was nice to see him again with his funny quips.

Shawn Smith, ex-EGM guy and creator of Shawnimals. It was very cool to meet this “old-school” 90’s EGM editor. To me it was like seeing one of your favorite writers back when you were in high school after years of being familiar with his/her work. Think of it as the “moment” when you met Neil Gaiman during his first Manila visit. Yes it was that awesome. Felt goosebumps too for some reason when he mentioned EGM alumni names such as Shoe, Crispin, Mark(!), John(!) and Shane(!). I also met Davin Loh, a fellow freelance game journalist. We talked about a couple of cool, game related stuff like E3, the industry, Shane, etc. Very nice guy.

– A semi GS 547 reunion. Direct translation: hanging out with my former GameStop colleagues. That’s me, Adam “I am Wolverine’s bitch” Wrobel, and Chris “Fuck PSN/Sony because 360 rulez” Lovanh. Sadly no Brian “Megaman is my boy” Stoodley which would’ve completed the package.

Some cosplayers. Quality wise, it wasn’t so bad (you can see some if my Facebook provided you’re my friend of course). But the amount was just OK and not obviously on par with ACen’s.

Artist Alley. LOVE some of the works this time around as you can see.

The BAD and not-so-cool:

– So-so panels. Could just be me, but aside from the ones I mentioned earlier, there weren’t a lot of any interesting panels to go to. It was lacking generally especially during the first day (Friday).

Not much swags or freebies. So sad considering that I usually have at least 1 bag full of free stuff every time I visit one of these biggie cons (well again Wizard World to be precise). Hard times probably?

Dealers. There weren’t a lot! Normally I would burn my wallet and purchase every cool little shit I could possibly find, be it graphic novels, mangas or toys. That’s not the case here unfortunately. I was only able to get 2 GNs (The Sword volume 2 and Shinjuku by Mink & Yoshitaka Amano), a discounted ACen ticket and…

Dual steel blades I bought for 20 bucks. OK so I got this in the hopes of using it as props for my upcoming ACen cosplay. I even asked the vendor, whom by the way convinced me greatly along with a fellow customer who bought 2 morning stars, that if it’s cosplay friendly. The dude said it should be fine and so yey I got some killer-pointy blades for only 20 bones. What I should have asked though was if it’s “convention” friendly. *sigh* Oh well, at least ’twas only 20 bucks. Right now it’s sitting next to my computer table and I have no idea what to do with it. Yet.

“…for 20 bucks, you could’ve purchased the Summer Wars blu-ray you’ve always wanted at Amazon. If not, you could’ve at least saved it for Evangelion 2.22 blu or any upcoming game. Tsk tsk.”



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