Super 8 theatrical trailer… oh and Battle: Los Angeles

The trailer hit the interwebz last Friday (around noon if I’m not mistaken) and I was seriously disappointed that it wasn’t attached to the Battle: LA print that I saw, which was also on Friday. You see I skipped and didn’t even bother streaming when it went live because I knew the trailer would be soooo special, and witnessing it first on the big screen would be the ideal thing.

So… the second I got home after B:LA’s viewing (more on that in a bit), I immediately loaded the trailer and double-u-oh-double-u: it was breathtaking. Do click the thingy below if you haven’t seen it yet.

*breathes* I believe we can all safely agree now that this is truly JJ Abrams’ love letter to Steven Spielberg. Or rather the Spielberg of the 1980s a.k.a. the Spielberg we are all familiar with.

The chime sounds, Amblin logo, kids and their bicycles, flashy lights, close up shots of people in awe, the familiar ambiance– fuck man, you have no idea how goosebumpy I was when I witnessed it first hand! One of the best and greatest 2 minutes of my life, all thanks to nostalgia of course. LOVE IT. Wow. I’m really more excited about this “collaboration” now. My interest skyrocketed and it has become my most anticipated movie this summer. Yes. Not fucking around. More so than Thor, Cap, X-Men, Green Lantern and Transformers 3.

E.T. remains as my favorite Spielberg masterpiece and, in my opinion, it’s his quintessential work. I’m getting the same-ish vibe with Super 8 which is an awesome thing. JJ Abrams hasn’t disappointed me yet with his movie directorial duties and I’m sure, deep down, he’ll be delivering us once again an entertaining and visual spectacle.

Jesus– too many freakin’ words and blah-blahs on a 2 minute clip; how’s Battle: Los Angeles? To be fair… it was OK. I had fun even though the writing can be too sparse if not very cliché. But I didn’t come in and expect it to be like, say, District 9 in the first place. I was expecting a Black Hawk Down take on the alien invasion sub-genre and that’s what I mostly got. Do appreciate the concept that the aliens are “beatable” and are simply using upgraded modern-esque technology. No super advanced alien weaponry or any kind like shields and beam weapons. Spoiler? Hardly because it’s in the trailers! So yes in the end it was “fun” and “OK”.


You know what’s cool though? Try to watch E.T. again after viewing the Super 8 trailer. It’ll “enhance the hype” so to speak. That is of course if you are a fan of E.T. and have experienced the same tingly feel as I have after watching the S8 trailer. OK I’ll stop now.


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