El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron hands-on c/o GameSpot

Presented by none other than the MANGOD himself, Mr. Shane Bettenhausen (ex 1UP person, EGM alumni and a household name to most gamers).

I’ve been curious about this game ever since it was announced. It’s probably because of the art style, the developers behind it, the Jude0-Christian themes, and the fact that it’s a character-driven action game ala Devil May Cry or God of War. The latter being a sub-category of the action genre that I, if I may add, collectively admire. Now that I’ve seen how it plays outside of the lush and artistic trailers; I can safely say that it has piqued my interested definitely. The weapon switching concept and different play styles heavily reminded me of Devil May Cry 3’s system which is a very good thing. And oh God of course the visuals are spectacular and pretty.

I would’ve like to see more of the platform elements and the 2D gameplay stuff which was hinted in one of the trailers . Is it a “Day 1” for me? To be frank I don’t know because I’m still skeptical about the guys behind it. Sure, some of them have worked with Okami (one of my fave games ever) but you never know. Will just wait and see if the import will generate some buzz this April (game’s international release date is Summer 2011).


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