LTTP: Toward the Terra (TV)

It is thus far one of the best space opera anime I’ve seen in recent years that doesn’t involve mecha or any fancy merchandise. The story is just incredible and gripping, ditto with the leads and characters. Action sequences are sporadic though and it could use more to benefit the series’ overall tone. Nevertheless it’s all about the story because, again, it is just so good.

…and the first opening song by UVERworld (endscape) is a killer:


Now I’m gonna list down a couple of shows and games that reminded me of the series. If you are a fan of even just one of these properties, then you really have to give Toward the Terra a shot. You might thank me later… promise:

–Xenogears, Gundam Seed, Infinite Ryvius, Battlestar Galactica, Legend of Galactic Heroes, Leiji Matsumoto space epics, Infinite Space, and even Final freakin’ Fantasy XIII–

Look basically if you dig science fiction, then you will enjoy ‘Terra. I’m not exactly a pure devotee of hard sci-fi because the notions can be complicated sometimes for me. But this show, somehow, opened my eyes and now I’m slowly appreciating the genre, or shall I say the “hardcore” (and less fantasy) versions of sci-fi epics.

Soldier Blue, one of the main protagonists, by the way is my new favorite retro-space hero next to Captain Harlock. Yes I have a man crush on him and it would be a blessing to meet him someday.


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