Movies I’ve seen in February 2011

Featuring animated guys with capes (plus a hottie cousin who also, later on, nabs a cape), American teens during the 70s, robots piloted by beautiful men, graffiti artists, this Roman dude and his slave boy, and a chameleon who’s suffering from an identity crisis.

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse — Good but not great or even memorable compared to some of the recent DC animated movies. Supergirl voiced by Whedon-alumni Summer Glau was pretty hot cool though.

Dazed and Confused — I’ve posted it before already as an LTTP (Late To The Party) entry and I’ll say it again; amazing characters, a killer soundtrack, and it does make me miss those ultra-delicious good times. Easily recommended.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Awakening of the Trailblazer — Enjoyed it, especially as a fan who’s willing to see more kick-ass 00 robot action c/o one of my favorite anime directors working today (Seiji Mizushima). Unfortunately the not-so-Gundam plot had me scratching my head and the ending made it worse. It was pretty fucking bad…

Exit Through The Gift Shop — I Twittered last week about a movie that inspired me to do some artsy stuff. This is that movie and I’m recommending it to all the artists out there. It is not by any means “inspiring”, but the concept of street art has never greatly impressed me that much until I saw this documentary. Too bad it didn’t win the Oscars because I really would like to see what Banksy would’ve done.

The Eagle — Meh, don’t bother wasting your time unless you’re a huuuuuge fan of Channing Tatum. Pacing was a mess, the narrative was semi-clusterfuck and that battles didn’t have any -wait for it- blood nor gore. Silly eh? Ignore or better yet dibidi out of curiosity.

Rango — It’s very different, at least in my perspective, from the usual kiddie CG romp. That said if you like western themes, Johnny Depp, gun-slinging action and the like, then you might enjoy this animated outing by Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy). Again, I thought ’twas OK and I do appreciate what the film was trying to convey.


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