So Apple officially unveils the iPad 2…

…and yeah here are the things and/or specs that interest me:

  • It has a dual core chip which is -and I quote- up to 2x faster. Graphics up to 9x faster. Pretty expected though I was personally rooting for a 3 or 4x faster chip than the current pad.
  • It’s thinner than an iPhone 4. Again, expected but it’s nice to know it’s lighter.
  • It can record 720p videos at 30 frames-per-sec using the rear camera. Now that’s kinda cool. Recording videos or even taking pictures using Apple technology has always been a major plus for me IMO.
  • It comes in 2 colors; black and white. White! Nice. I’m sick of black nowadays even though betting on the color seems like a “winning” situation when it comes to gadgets.
  • It has a HDMI output via a cable. About time. Though you have to buy the cable separately which costs $39.
  • It has really cool polyurethane and leather covers made for the pad exclusively. They really look nice. Magnet-y is the word.
  • It has Photo Booth. You can now take those crazy pictures with you and your friends using an iPad. Hey, it’s one of the ridiculous and fun things we did with the Macbook. I’m sure Apple owners have at least played around with it before.
  • It has FaceTime. “You can FaceTime between two iPads, between an iPad and an iPhone, or between an iPad and a Mac”. The more options the better I suppose. Very nice.
  • It runs iMovie and GarageBand apps ($4.99 each). Editing and podcasting on the go. Awesomesauce.

After the break you’ll see some of the things that disappointed me plus my final-not-so-final thoughts.

Now for the things I did NOT like. Actually there’s only 2:

  • They didn’t bump up the hard drive space for the lower end model. The prices remain unchanged (for the most part) in case you didn’t notice, and it seems like a cheat that you’re still getting old hard drive space configs for a newer Apple product. Hard to believe considering hard disk prices (flash or whatnot) have been going down annually.
  • The screen resolution is the same. I was expecting the resolution to be higher than the original. After all, Sony’s NGP screen seems “godlike” according to various reports, and it would be cute if Apple counters it with their latest toy.

Now… buying an iPad for me finally, yes or no? To be frank I’m not sure at this point. For one thing, my budget’s freakin’ tight currently because there’s a shitload of games that are coming out in the next few months. Let’s not also forget that there are 2 upcoming handhelds that I’d prefer saving money for. And the “5”. Oh shit I totally forgot about that. So to answer that question– maybe, maybe not. It all depends really, but a part of me wants to wait a little longer…


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