The weekend was bananas

That’s right, if not a little too fucked up because the events over the last 2 days (Fri. doesn’t count) felt like an alternate timeline. A gap in the continuum where all the outcome that just happened days ago might’ve been false or unrealistic.

First off was Friday’s gaming night/party that I hosted personally. I believe that was the first get-together I planned with my newfound friends, and obviously the first since November of last year. Basically it was just a simple gathering with Marvel vs Capcom 3, Blops and Dance Central as center pieces, plus (the almighty) beer and a couple of drinks. A success I should say even though a handful only showed up. It’s definitely a start of things and I’m considering of doing it regularly to keep the GVs (Good Vibes) piling up.

Then there was Saturday: the Rango screening and some. Actually the day started with an awesome all-you-can-eat sushi lunch. Delifreakinlicious even though my appetite wasn’t optimized for it. Anyway, Rango was ambitious and it wasn’t what I expected it to be. Compared to other big budgeted CG movies that have “fun with family, friends, kids,yada-yada-yada” embedded on their press releases, Rango’s nature and overall tone is very eccentric. I’m not saying it’s “OMG dark and not for kiddies” and so on. No, it’s not and in fact it’s somehow enjoyable… assuming you dig the Western genre because that’s what essentially the movie is, a Western. Me? I thought it was OK. Done. But isn’t it crazy to believe that there is a CG movie out there (made by US too) that is generally different from the Pixar/Dreamworks/Sony/Fox animation concepts? Of course it could just be me and my stupid head since I’m a Pixar fanboy, and their movies are usually the only ones I trail on. Moving on was hours after the movie and, goddammit, I’ll just say one thing; ’twas the craziest trip evar. The keyword is “loop” or as Mayor would normally say: “Loop lang siya“. Nuninuni-done.

And finally Sunday a.k.a. the Oscars. I liveblogged (sorta, ish) the whole thing while having a dry-like dinner, which consisted of lamb chops and a corn in a cob. Therefore if you have been following my Twitter and Plurk pages, then you already have an idea on how I felt when The King’s Speech robbed grabbed 2 of the major awards– Best Director and Best Picture. Look I’m not gonna lie; TKS is a very good movie but it’s not something I would call revolutionary. The formula isn’t entirely “new” in my opinion unlike say a bunch of used toys clinging together until their death, a team of experts gracefully exploring dreams, or a couple of nerds starting up an internet company. It’s just WRONG and that’s my honest take. And fucking-a c’mon– David Fincher not winning for Best Director!?! That’s just totally ridiculous. He’s the next pre-The Departed Martin Scorsese.

It was pretty bad when I woke up this morning  only to realize that the Oscars last night indeed happened, and the (now Academy Award winning) haunting score of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross played miraculously in my head.

Oh and they should hire Billy Crystal again because Anne Hathaway was trying too hard and James Franco was, obviously, stoned (which was a waste because there was potential there).


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