My (quick) Top 10 Movies of 2010

Better late than never… part 2. It’s the Oscars this coming Sunday and might as well just list down (in a quick-ish way) the 10 movies I enjoyed in two thousand ten.

…yes I totally forgot so bah, whatever! Retsu goooo~

Number 10:

Enter the Void
Super AWESOME opening credits. Trip. Tokyo setting. Psychedelic.

Number 9:

Black Swan
Natalie Portman being spectacular. Gripping. It makes me cringe.

Number 8:

Toy Story 3
It capped off the storyline remarkably. Tis like seeing old buddies again. The ending… if by any chance you didn’t get teary or felt like a semblance of it, then you’re a fucking weirdo.

Number 7:

Kick Ass
Hit-Girl. Nicholas Cage echoing Adam West. On some aspects, it was better than the adaptation.

Number 6:

127 Hours
Brilliant cinematography. James Franco. The climax, which is a glorious cinematic moment I’ve personally witnessed since the “poster” scene in The Shawshank Redemption.

Number 5:

*poster via CobbFromYourDreams*

It’s Nolan and a bad-ass science fiction movie. Oh and Joseph Gordon Levitt being über cool in zero-g.

Number 4:

Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance
Surprising twists. Better direction and narrative compared to the original series. Fanservice-y moments and fight scenes. Yes, shit, I’m being a fanboy here but who cares because I really enjoyed You Can (Not) Advance.

Number 3:

Summer Wars
Outstanding animation and visuals. Compelling story. Loveable characters. Wow, Goddammit, it’s just a really really good movie. Promise, this is NOT me being a fanboy! Watch it or be part of the problem.

Number 2:

The Social Network
Aaron Sorkin’s rapid-fire dialogue. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’ memorable score. Quotable lines. Jesse Eisenberg. Andrew Garfield. Justin Timberlake. Armie Hammer. Rooney Mara. Jesus, everything! This movie is perfect and it is the best movie of 2010. “Best” movie and not my “favorite” movie of twenty-ten which is…

Number 1:

The Karate Kid
It has an actress who, in my opinion, resembles YUI; my all-time super crush. I call her YUI Jr because she’s only 16-17 in real life. Who gives a shit because –hey– she looks like YUI!

*OK fuck you G. I don’t give a shit anymore about you and your stupid fake number 1s. Next time, stop being “edgy” and just fucking put it. GOD…DAMN! Peace –GTG*



Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
Need I explain? Video game [slash] pop culture references. Solid direction by one of my favorite directors (Edgar Wright). Amazing visuals. Super editing. Awesome cast and acting. Zelda sound effects and music. Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter-esque fight scenes. 1 or 2 nods to Final Fantasy II (IV). A Ninja Ryukenden (Gaiden) camera style sequence. Err didn’t you already mention video game references? Yea I know but who cares because they are soooo good and spot-on.

Guillermo Del Toro said it best: “Everybody who didn’t watch Scott Pilgrim is a motherfucker.”



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