Xenogears is now available on the US PSN store

Cool and “about fucking time!” considering the Japanese version has been available for 3 years now. Here’s a track to celebrate this momentous occasion and a hooray for digital re-releases:


B u t   I ‘ m   s t i l l   u n d e c i d e d  w h e t h e r  t o  g e t   i t   o r   n o t   s o   s o o n   b e c a u s e   m y  b a c k l o g   c o n t i n u e s   t o   p i l e   u p   r i d i c u l o u s l y .

Big points and [slash]highfives for ya if you get the “joke” I’m referencing here. Eventually I will invest on it. Eventually. A part of me really wants to revisit the game since the last time I played it extensively was… I guess more than a decade ago? Long time I know. My sequential replays (about 2 or 3 times, I forgot) do not count IMO because the farthest I was able to get to was the part at the prison with Rico Blanka. Correct me if I’m wrong though –and fans should be know this– but isn’t that segment merely just 1/3 or a quarter of Disc 1? Either way that’s barely a portion of where the game truly shines.

Again eventually. It could be my next on-the-go RPG this season after I finish Tactics Ogre (almost at the end of Chapter 3) because I know The 3rd Birthday is a short-ish 10 hour game, Dissidia 012’s a fighter and Final Fantasy IV PSP is beatable. Unless that The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky game is any good, then I may have a slight problem.


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