So Ghost Trick…

…is very unique, enjoyable and possibly one of the most original games I ever played.

Yes I know everyone’s still on high with Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Tactics Ogre and Dragon Quest VI right now, and here I am talking about a game that has been out for more than month. But hey, I thought, why not share the euphoria I experienced a few weeks back when I finished the game y’know?

I’ve been a fan of the Phoenix Wright/Ace Attorney games due to their clever storylines and twists it normally delivers, plus its ensemble funny cast. But my main beef with those games is that I have think too hard to progress further. Thinking isn’t exactly a bad concept when it comes to video games. But you know (OMG it’s cliche but here go) what they say about games– they should be fun. Thinking thoroughly, especially in a game where all I want was the story to unfold because ’twas so fucking good, is not what I would normally call fun. Therefore I was hoping to play an adventure-text game that has the same twisty narrative and, by all means, challenging at the same time. Less thinking and more of reflexes I guess. Luckily Ghost Trick fills that gap.

It’s from the same guy who created the franchise so the story was expected to be really good, and it is. The twists are pretty unpredictable at times and I felt like I was watching a really well-thought detective anime series that rivals the best out there. It may not overthrow Phoenix Wright and his bizarre adventures, but they are clearly on the same level. It’s like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger. Both properties are amazing in their own ways and both can be played as a “double featurette”. Ending was just… really solid. I was NOT expecting that.

The game plays uniquely as well where you control various objects as a spirit, and connecting nodes in order to advance further. It’s mainly a series of trial and errors, and yes there are times where it can piss you off unexpectedly. It’s challenging but not hard hard, gets? Most of the solutions are like “aahhh” which sometimes will make you feel dazed assuming you get stuck in an area. Don’t know about you but it happened to me from time to time. You can’t die obviously since you are dead making “game over” screens feel redundant (there are none by the way).

It’s not exactly a perfect title though because once you’re done with the game, then that’s pretty much it just like the Ace Attorney games (near-zero replay value). Alternate endings would’ve been nice ala Heavy Rain. Future follow-ups maybe?

Look, all I’m trying to point out is this: if you love adventure games, love Phoenix Wright, love great stories, have an affinity with dogs (and cats) or hell love playing video games in general, play Ghost Trick. It’ll be  one of the most bizarre and unique 10 hours of your life. I guarantee it.


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