Happy 25th Birthday Legend of Zelda!

Cheers Link, Princess, Ganon and the rest of Hyrule! Here’s a tune (personal favorite of mine) to celebrate arguably the greatest action-adventure game franchise of all time:

My favorite Zelda title that resonated me the most? Clearly A Link to the Past. It was my initial experience of what “saving” (memory/game data) is in a game cartridge. First time I played it was at ye old Makati Sports Club console game center and I remember there was this nerd-dude, who was probably the same age as mine that time which was 8, tutoring me on how the boomerang works, my next destination, how to find the Pegasus Boots etc. and so on.

The feeling was great! Can you remember the very first time you played a Japanese console RPG during the Super Famicom/SNES days? The genuine and pure excitement? The awesome (and way better) storytelling and visuals compared to previous systems? The fact that you can’t wait to get up the next day (assuming there’s no school of course) and joyfully continue the adventure? Yes, A Link to the Past did that for me very much so. That and actually Final Fantasy II (IV) which I played months after.

Anyhoo, Happy 25th Anniversary Zelda. You know I’ll be there lining up for the Skyward Sword whenever it comes out… even though I have a shit load of games to play in the next 10 months. Cheers once again!


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